Dear Member January 14, 2019 - Welcome Wagon

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Every year the Chamber takes on new projects that are based on and inspired by the needs of the business community as well as the community at large.  This year is no exception. We are rolling out some new programs that have the potential of enhancing the perceptions of Pulaski County. One of the programs is the Chamber Ambassadors. By enlisting ambassadors to welcome and support new businesses we can create a welcoming business climate and an instant network for new business. What do the ambassadors get for their time? This group of individuals will be at the forefront of the business community while at the same time representing their respective businesses.
Obviously, this is not a new idea; we all remember the days of the "Welcome Wagon" and how great it was to have someone show up bearing gifts and information about the community into which you had just moved. The welcome person became your first point of contact. They provided you with help and contacts, and plenty of information about your new community. It was really cool back in the day. I don't know whatever happened to that program but we think the business community could benefit from that same hospitality. The Chamber wants  new businesses to feel good about their choice to do business in Pulaski County. What better way to welcome them so they feel the warmth and friendliness that Pulaski County  has to offer? That's the heart and soul of having Pulaski County Chamber Ambassadors. We look forward to getting this new program started for our business community!
Work hard, be productive, and above all else stay positive.
Peggy White
Executive Director 
Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce 
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