Dear Member January 21, 2019 - Mission Statement

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I've been feeling nostalgic lately since I spent some time with my daughters taking a walk down memory lane. Looking back at old photos, keepsakes and finding things from the old business reminded me of the pressures we faced in trying to find balance between family and business. We often had to deal with crises, employment, and customer issues. Unlike some jobs, where at the end of the day you leave it behind, this followed us 24-7. The way we managed crisis situations was by our own moral compasses. Relying on your own moral compass is fine for personal issues but business decisions  require something broader and more detached. A business needs a mission statement.
The mission statement in a business serves as a reminder of what the business stands for to its employees and what it offers its customers. The mission statement serves as a guide to the business during crisis. The longevity of the company depends on the mission statement. When a business follows and stays true to its mission consistently, eventually the business can look towards the future.
When a business is lucky enough to get to the point that the owners are looking at growth of the company, then the visionaries of the company will create a vision statement. The vision statement will project the future plans for the business and describe what success will look like. The mission statement and the vision statement are vital planning tools that take time and thought to create, but when they are designed carefully, updated regularly, and referenced consistently, these guides can help the company stay on course.  
 "If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward."  Martin Luther King Jr.
Work hard, be productive, and above all else stay positive.

Peggy White 
Executive Director 
Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce 
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