Dear Member July 15, 2019 - Ah Ha Moments

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You know those “aha” moments you get every once in a while? Last week in a tourism meeting, we were discussing initiatives, and someone made a comment regarding the different generational demographics, in particular Generation Z. What he said was mind boggling to someone from the baby boomer generation. He said, “Generation Z is the first generation where many have never received a letter or written one to put in the mail.”
WOW! The majority of my communication for the better part of my life was through letters and cards. To think that things have changed that much that an entire generation has never experienced “getting mail in a mailbox or post office box.”
Think about that for a minute. They have had mobile devices their entire lives. That’s an entire shift in communication. And that shift directly effects trends and how we need to capture and influence the buying power of the Gen Z. This year their spending power is estimated to be between $29 and $143 billion, according to “How brands can harness the spending power of Gen Z” by Aaron Brooks.
There’s no doubt that generation Z is technologically savvy enough; we just need to be prepared for the differences that we are going to face in the market and workforce. In an article by Bruce Anderson, he cites some key differences in this up-coming generation: They’re more money-conscious, individualistic, and realistic, to name a few, but also 56% want to write their own job descriptions!
Putting it all together, we need to rewrite our marketing strategies if we are going to stay in the market. That statement was a wake-up call for me about just how different Gen Z is. It also means we have about 5 years before the Z’s are fully into a major portion of the buying power, so let’s get ready!
Work hard, be productive, and, above all else, stay positive. 
Peggy White
Executive Director
Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce
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