Dear Member, October 29, 2018

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Dear Member, 

There is a certain spirit that every successful entrepreneur seems to possess. It is something I can't always put my finger on right away but it eventually becomes apparent. The entrepreneurs I've known who are successful have some distinct qualities; on is that they're learners. They are always asking questions and listening. They're tuned to into the smallest of details. They're the person watching and taking it all in and are more observant than the average Joe. This is because somewhere tucked in the recesses of their mind is their force, their true inspiration. It's bigger than the common desire for money. Yep, it's a certain spirit that, in order to survive, is always continuing to redefine itself and a spirit that never lets fear define it.

A lot of us think we have that spirit. According to the US census 400k businesses open a year. Of those 2/3 make it to the second year, and 50% make it to the 5th year, but only 1/3 make it 10 years. That's the reality! You have to push aside all the misconceptions when entertaining the idea of opening a small business. Forget how it has been glorified or glamorized by media telling you to step right up and into the ring and you to can become your own boss, make lots of money and only work part-time.from those glamorous images of you driving down the road with the top down because it's a sunny and you just want to take off and enjoy the sun on your face. Try working 80 hours week, or working a 14 hour day and coming home to still have to do the bookkeeping is more of the reality. Since you own the company there is no one to call out to and this business is yours and yours alone 24 -7-365. It is all on you because no one else will ever be as invested in your business as you are, and no one else is going to work those long hours. That's the reality.

This quote is right on target, "Almost everybody will do what it takes to survive; but few will do what it takes to be successful.

Work hard, be productive, and above all else stay positive.

Peggy White

Executive Director 
Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce 
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