Dear Member September 16, 2019 - Integrity

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Last week I was discussing an upcoming event with some folks when the topic turned to “integrity.” Initially I was upset that anyone who knew me would think they needed to suggest that the Chamber needed to maintain integrity pertaining to the event. I quickly realized that it was their unfounded fears, not ours. There is and never has been anything in the Chamber’s past or present that would warrant any question of the Chamber maintaining the highest level of integrity. As a matter of fact, the Chamber has gone all kinds of rogue at times to avoid compromising our integrity.

I come from an era where if you knew something was wrong and you didn’t do anything about it you were just as guilty as the perpetrator. That belief has created many personal dilemmas in my career. There may be lot of things that can be compromised, but integrity is not one of them. So rest assured, we will work to always maintain the highest level of integrity and we welcome your comments, questions, and concerns at any time. 

Work hard, be productive and above else stay positive 

Peggy White
Executive Director
Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce
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